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Embark on an adventure

with Trondheim Fishing!

You are very welcome to experience our adventurous fishing trip in the fantastic surroundings of Trondheim Fjord.

Our vessel, the 20-foot Sting 600 PRO HT, comfortably accommodates up to 3-4 guests.  As we embark on our fishing trip in the breathtaking Trondheim Fjord, the primary fishing areas will be inshore & nearshore, ranging from 50 to 4000 meters from the coastline. Depths will vary between 15 and 100 meters.

Have you never been fishing?

Don`t worry! Your fishing guide will provide straightforward tips on using the fishing equipment and help you reel in the magnificent fish that inhabit Norway’s third-longest fjord.

Caught a fish?

Feel free to take your catch home with you if you’d like. And if you’re curious about gutting the fish, your fishing  guide will gladly assist.

Concerned about unpredictable weather?

Rest assured, we closely monitor conditions. If the weather isn’t conducive to fishing, you’ll have the flexibility to reschedule or receive a refund.




Price includes:

All necessary fishing equipment, fishing guide, fuel costs, rain jacket, soft drink, fish to take home, benefits

1 angler - 2500 NOK / 2,5 hours

Please note that the price is for a fishing trip where

other guests may share the boat with you.

2 anglers  -  3600 (3200*)  NOK / 2,5 hours

* adult with child under the age of 14

Please note that the price is for a fishing trip where

other guest may share the boat with you.

3 anglers - 4700 (4300*) NOK / 2,5 hours

* adult(s) with child/children under the age of 14

Private fishing trip.

Night fishing for 1-3 anglers - 4700 NOK /2,5 hours

Private fishing trip. Departure at 21:00 or later.

Extra hour - 1000 NOK

Companion - 700 NOK

Maximum person capacity (angler+companion): 4 pers. (max 300kg)

Please don`t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in booking an extended fishing trip lasting more than 2.5-3.5 hours.

Fjord fishing rules in Norway:

The fjord/sea fishing is free in Norway, but everybody has to follow the regulations of sea angling. READ MORE

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Fish species



Some of the fish species in the Trondheim Fjord:

Torsk (Cod), Sei (Coley),  Lyr (Pollack), Lange (Ling ),

Makrell (Mackerel), Sild (Herring), Hvitting (Whiting),

Hyse (Haddock), Kveite (Halibut), Lysing (Hake),

Steinbit (Wolffish), Brosme (Tusk), Breiflabb (Monkfish)

Minimum size and main season:

Whiting: 32 cm, august-november

Cod: 55 cm, september-april

Haddock: 40 cm,  august-mai

Hake: 30 cm, mai-november

Halibut: 84 cm,  april-desember

Monkfish: - , juli-desember

Mackerel: - ,  mai-oktober

Coalfish: - , all year

Pollack: - , januar-juni

Ling: - , all year

Wolffish: - , mai-oktober

Tusk: - , mai-februar

Booking, paying, cancellation


We provide a simple and secure payment

solution via Zettle by Paypal:

1) Submit Form: Start by filling out the contact/booking form on our website.

2) Booking Confirmation: We’ll send you a booking confirmation along with all the necessary details.

3) Secure Payment: Click the provided link, and you can conveniently pay by card using Zettle by PayPal.


You can cancel your trip via email (

or via our contact page .

Please note that we can accept cancellation only 24 hours before the fishing trip, for giving you a full refund. For cancellations less than 24 hours before the departure, 50% of the price can be refunded. Cancellations less than 12 hours in advance and no-show cases will be charged the total price.


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